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Insider Knowledge - Rebuilding the $600 Linny LUT for the Alexa plus free download

After an insanely busy month, I've finally found some time to put together another tutorial. As promised here is how I rebuilt the Linny LUT by The Brim. If you're not familiar with the Linny LUT, this is it here:

I'll update this page with more content in the next 24-48 hours, but for the moment, download the Resolve PowerGrades and cube LUTs below.

Download the PowerGrades and LUTs

To install the PowerGrades in Resolve, second mouse button click in the gallery and select Import. Navigate to the directory and select all the JPGs or DRX files and click import. If it won't let you select any files, you might need to click on options down the bottom and then select JPEG from the list.

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