Kodak 2383 PowerGrade

Kodak 2383 PowerGrade


The Kodak 2383 D65/D55 LUTs rebuilt as a Resolve 14/15 PowerGrade.

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The PowerGrade is free/pay what you want, so if you feel like contributing something click the PayPal.Me button below.

Sample Images

A few shots graded using the PowerGrade.

Shade Media Reel_1.56.1.jpg
Shade Media Reel_1.85.1.jpg
Shade Media Reel_1.94.1.jpg
Shade Media Reel_1.7.1.jpg
Alexa LF_1.6.1 sRGB.jpg
Alexa LF_1.5.1 sRGB.jpg
Alexa LF_1.45.1 sRGB.jpg

Below is a comparison of the actual Kodak 2383 D65 LUT and the PowerGrade version.

2383 LUT.jpg
2383 PowerGrade.jpg


To install the PowerGrade in Resolve, second mouse button click in the gallery window background and select Import. Navigate to the directory and select the DRX file and click import. If it won't let you select any files you might need to click the options button down the bottom and then select .drx from the list.

I’ve included versions for Resolve 14 and 15.