Director / Cinematographer / Colorist

Based On True Events Short Film


Based On True Events from Gary Allen on Vimeo.

Late last year I had the pleasure to grade Based On True Events a short film directed by Gary Allen, with cinematography by Zakaree Sandberg. It was shot on Red Epic 5k 16:9 for a 2.39:1 crop.

Finally here's some proof that I don't always apply heavy stylised looks!

The basic idea was to keep the look organic and natural looking. Removing the digital edge, but not going overboard with the heavy film emulation LUT look. I wanted the colours to appear vibrant where necessary and to shine through the grade.

I'll update this post with some more grading information but for now here are some screenshots.

Based On True Events

Based On True Evemts

Based On True Events

Based On True Events